We will be registering students on a one to one appointment basis only. If you have anyone interested, please call us at 01-8786658 or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parnell Courses / Adult Education Classes

Our Adult Programmes are mostly based in Parnell Adult Learning Centre, here we provide education courses, as well as advice on education and employment options available throughout the city. All our courses are free and run throughout the year. Students can sign up for short ‘taster’ courses (6 weeks), as well as courses certified at FETAC levels 3 & 4 (16 weeks). Courses include Computers, Digital Photography, Art, Yoga, Cookery, Communications, Social Studies and Retail Skills.

We also have more specific programmes such as Parenting groups, Settlement Skills (preparing to move on) and Preparation for College and Study Support. 

We also offer a literacy assessment service, with one-to-one literacy available within the project.

Check our Adult Programmes, Services and then Posters to download the latest posters for our courses.